Here at Granby Village Health, we are proud to offer you a very comprehensive selection of the finest supplements available.

There is an overload of information today in all of the media and sometimes it is overwhelming to try and understand what, when, and why you should take a vitamin or an herb. The staff at Granby Village Health will always go the extra mile to help our customers determine what their needs are.

Granby Village Health carries everything from Vitamin C to Resveratrol and Neti Pots. Often customers will call wondering about something that they may have read about as the “hottest new thing” and find that we have been carrying it for years! We are very careful to deal with companies that have strong reputations as leaders in the industry for potency and purity. We stand behind all of the brands that we carry and you can feel secure in knowing that we use these supplements and give them to our families as well.

You will also find lots of literature, great books, and excellent advice when you come into Granby Village Health. We firmly believe that everyone should be self-educated about their supplement choices and we will do our best to guide you along the way.

Your satisfaction is our #1 goal here at Granby Village Health. If you are not pleased in any way with your purchase, please return the bottle (with your receipt please!) for a full store credit – our goal is to make sure that you are getting the most out of everything that you are taking.

If you have any questions about a supplement, feel free to contact us.

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