Organic Free Range Turkey

Hello everyone!

I wanted to touch base regarding our store remodel as well as the annual turkey information….

We are pleased to once again offer everyone the Marys Free Range Turkeys. These free range birds are raised with plenty of open space on a certified organic ranch in sunny California. You will not find any antibiotics, animal by-products, GMO’s, preservatives or hormones in a Marys Turkey.

The turkeys are fed a high protein vegetarian diet. We are offering the free range “natural” bird as well as the free range “certified organic” – the difference being in the organic certification.

Prices are as follows:

Certified Organic – regular price is $5.29 per pound – ON SALE THRU 11/21 at $4.19 per pound

Free Range – regular price is $3.59 per pound – ON SALE THRU 11/21 at $2.89 per pound

Free range are available from 10 pounds up to 22 pounds

Certified Organic are available from 8 pounds up to 16 pounds

Due to our limited freezer space, we are requesting that you order as soon as possible and if you are able, pick up your turkey asap.

When ordering, please let us know the approximate size that you want and when you can pick it up. Please don’t hesitate because we always run out!!! Just give us call at 860 844-8608 or stop by at your earliest convenience.

Tofurky BoxFor those of you who prefer a vegetarian feast at your table we have lots of wonderful options – from Tofurkeys to Field Roasts, vegan gravies and for everyone, a beautiful bounty of certified organic vegetables.

Important info regarding our remodel
We anticipate being closed Sunday October 26th thru Wednesday the 29th – please bear with us as we improve our space! If there is anything that we can to to help you, please let us know!

We are all very aware every day that the only reason we are here for almost 20 years now is because of you! We are grateful for each and every one of you and we hope that your upcoming holiday season is peaceful, healthy and bountiful!


In GREAT health,



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